Dressed In Royal Robes Of Righteousness And Divine, And Holy Armor Of Spiritual Warfare, May We Always Be Ready To Be A Warrior For Christ Jesus, Our Lord by Debbie Harris

Dressed in our Lord And Savior’s

royal robes of righteousness,

and armor of spiritual warfare,

may always be ready to be a

Christ-centered, peaceful, loving,

merciful, truth-speaking, demon-slaying,

Jesus and gospel-centered warrior

for thee. For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and the glory forever.

Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Logos And Rhema Bring To The Truly Redeemed Light-Filled Delight by Debbie Harris

Because Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lord

of Lords is our blessed,

precious Savior and King,

may the Holy Word of our

Triune God become our

passionate delight. For

Logos, that oftentimes

becomes rhema for the

redeemed, is where the

sacred, majestic, living,

strengthening, comforting,

wisdom producing, light

of the world breath of God

resides. May the Holy, exquisite,

divine, inerrant Word, sacred

breath of our Triune God be our

ceaseless passion and delight.

May We Consciously And Repetitively Choose To Practice Joy by Debbie Harris

May we as God’s

redeemed, be a

people who always

choose to abide,

revel in, see all the

many blessings that

we do not deserve yet

are always so kindly,

graciously, and lovingly

bestowed by our tender

Shepherd, Creator, and friend.

.May we make the gift of the

joy of our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ a moment by

moment decision to consciously

and repetitively practice and

live in the joy of the Lord.

So that we may boldly, victoriously

and triumphantly say, the joy of

the Lord of Hosts, the King of

Kings over all the world is indeed

my hope, my strength, my joy,

my fortress, my God, my song.

Child Of The King Here by Debbie Harris

Precious Lord Jesus,

child of the King here,

how can we serve thee with

honor, love, wisdom, and grace?

Child of the king here, how

can we love, serve, honor

thee, even more, all the while

growing in Christ-like grace?

Child of the King here,

how can we advance your

kingdom on this day that you

have so graciously, mercifully,

lovingly, and lavishly granted?

Child of the King here,

just here to say thank

you for the gift of all

gifts, Salvation through

Jesus Christ our tender

warrior, Shepherd, Redeemer

Master, Lord, and King.

Child of the King here,

may our passion always

be to bring glory to your

name, name above all

names no matter how

dark the culture remains!

Child of the King here,

teach us how in thee

to victoriously, joyfully,

constantly and triumphantly

to abide adoringly on your vine?

Child of the King here,

when we must, may we

always contend for our

most precious faith with

mercy and gracious speech.

And Lord contend we must

in these most wicked, heinous,

demonic, and evil days.

Child of the King here,

may our joy be found

in only thee, in thy most

precious Holy Word, and

in the divine and Holy

worship of obedience.

Child of the King here,

Child of the King here,

Child of the King here,

here am I send me,

here are we send us

here we are, raise us

up into a divine, Holy,

passionate army whose

sole purpose is only

to love, serve, evangelize

honor, obey, and contend

for the glory and honor of your

name, name above all names.

Child of the King here,

Child of the King here!

Child of the King here!

Our Hearts Are Filled With Joy Knowing You Are Our Risen Lord, Sovereign Savior, Faithful Friend, And King Of Kings by Debbie Harris

May our hearts within us

sing, and be lifted up with

humble, grateful, and adoring

joy for you alone, you alone are

our risen and reigning Lord,

our sovereign Savior, our

constant and faithful friend,

our lion, and our lamb and

King of Kings over all the world.

May our hearts within us sing, and

be lifted up with humble, grateful

and ceaseless, adoring, worshipful joy!