No Nation, People, Individual Has Ever Lasted Who Defiantly Shook Their Fists In The Face Of God Becuase Of His Life-Giving Commands by Debbie Harris

A society, people, nation, individual

who consistently and defiantly shakes

their fists against God’s precious and

life-giving commands cannot, will not,

and has not ever lasted in the history

of man. However, blessed, blessed

is the nation whose God is the Lord.

Because Of Jesus Christ Within, Keep Loving, Forgiving, & Living For The Glory Of Our Triune God by Debbie Harris

As royal heirs of Jesus Christ,

keep loving, keep forgiving,

keep living, and pointing all

to Jesus Christ for their Salvation.

For this is our imperial and joyful

duty, destiny, delightful,

disciplined devotion and

display of love towards

our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ, Yeshua,

our beloved King who

died to save us all

from our sins.

The Promises Of God Are The True Wealth Of Every Redeemed Child Of God by Debbie Harris

The promises of our Triune God

found in the precious, Holy,

divine, and inerrant Word of God.

Our Savior’s promises are our true

Holy wealth as a royal joint heir

of the one and only Most High God.

Study, rehearse, repeat, memorize

so that we can all be like the regal

tree planted by the rivers of water

that bringeth forth its fruit in its

season whose leaf will not wither

and whatsoever he doeth shall

prosper. Yes royally redeemed,

may we all be like the regal tree

planted in Christ, our living water.

The Redeemed Soul Is What Is True Gold To Jesus Christ, Our Lord by Debbie Harris

The redeemed soul is what is true

gold to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Repent, receive, and live on earth

for eternity! For this earth’s redeemed,

true royals, our imperial citizenship,

crowns, titles, rewards, and mansions

are in our true home, Heaven.

The redeemed soul is what is true

gold to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Silver Gemstone Studded Sonnets Written In Eternal Gold For Our Lord And Savior, King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords by Debbie Harris

Every act of kindness, courage,

boldness, love, tenderness, mercy,

grace, righteousness, justice, love, and

forgiveness is a silver gemstone studded

sonnet written in eternal gold for our Lord

and Savior, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Every True, Authentic Christ Follower Has The Glorious Emmanuel Mind of Jesus Christ, Our Savior, Our God by Debbie Harris

We have the blessed, Holy,

triumphant Emmanuel mind

of Christ Jesus our Savior,

Redeemer and Lord. What a

blessed, glorious, eternal, Holy,

divine, Heavenly, sacred,

hallowed, sacrosanct,

sanctified, Biblical reality.

Christians we are rich indeed

for we have the incomparable

wealth of Christ within and

Christ without, glorious indeed!

So agust, baronial, imperial,

epic, gallant, grand, grandiose,

imposing, magnificent, majestic,

massive, monumental, noble,

regal, royal, spendid, stately

respekendent, celestial, Heavnely,

and divine is this thought that

it should bring us to our knees

in humble worship and adoration

as we humbly exclaim, “We have

the mind of Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

May we live our lives in light of

this Biblical and life changing reality.