The Inerrant Word Of God Cannot, Must Not Be Mixed With The Standards Of The Luciferian World by Debbie Harris

You cannot mix the Holy,

inerrant, divine precious

Word of God with the world.

The inerrant, Holy Word of

God cannot be mixed with

the erroneous, Luciferian

devilish standards of this

ever darkening world.

Too many liberal, woke,

weak kneed, compromised

Christians. Lord have

mercy! Lord have mercy!

Tulips In The Snow by Debbie Harris

I have seen exquisite tulips beautifully

bloom as they rise out through the snow.

And so the hope of Jesus Christ can, must,

and will arise no matter what the icy climate

may be in regards to demonic earthly schemes.

May all redeemed royal disciples rise up in exuberant hope.

For Jesus Christ is our source, our life, our coming King!

Even In The Beauty Of Creation We Can See Our Savior’s Royal Invitations To Come, Repent, Believe, And Receive His Salvation by Debbie Harris

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Romans 1:20 (KJV)

A carpet of flowers,

the crunching of leaves

underfoot, a blanket

of snow, the gift of

warmth from sun’s glow,

the cool summer breeze

all divine, and holy gifts

of beauty from the brilliance

of our loving Creator God. For

He is always revealing Himself,

inviting us, pursuing us, knocking

on the doors of all our hearts to come

by faith receive, believe, and accept

Christ’s beauty filled exorbitant

gift of Salvation. There is always

earthly beauty, eternal whisperings,

royal invitations from God’s creation

calling all souls to come to Christ as

you are and become a glorious new

creation with a new heart, soul, and mind!

Imagining Heaven’s Majestic Symphonies Of Hallelujah’s by Debbie Harris

Every time we say a word,

become a blessing, give a

gift, show love, kindness,

mercy and grace for the

glory of our precious Savior,

for His honor, for His glory,

and to advance His Kingdom,

by faith, I imagine in Heaven,

on earth, and in our souls can be

heard hallelujah’s! Listen intently

with eyes and ears of faith. May

all our lives be filled with Heaven’s

majestic symphonies of Hallelujah’s!

Looking Unto Jesus by Debbie Harris

There is such joyous

exhilaration and hope

in the doctrinal beauty

of the rapture. May we

always gaze, look, focus

upon Jesus the author and

the finisher of our faith.

May we look to Jesus in the

midst of chaos, lawlessness,

and end time deceit. For as we

look unto Jesus, we are full of

Christ Himself, the light of the

world. There bye may we be

divine, Holy, gleaming,

radiating lights in this

ever darkening world.