Our All In All Is Found In Jesus Christ Our Lord by Debbie Harris

Our source, Jesus Christ.

Our hope, Jesus Christ.

Our wisdom, Jesus Christ.

Our strength, Jesus Christ.

Our light, Jesus Christ.

Our salvation, Jesus Christ.

Our all in all, Jesus Christ.

Our Alpha and Omega,

Jesus Christ, King of Kings.

Our Maranatha, Jesus Christ!

Even so come Lord Jesus, come.

This world is not our home.

Is It Really A Righteous Deed When We Arrogantly Trumpet Our Own Righteousness For All To See? by Debbie Harris

But when you give to the poor and do acts of kindness, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing [give in complete secrecy], so that your charitable acts will be done in secret; and your Father who sees [what is done] in secret will reward you.

Matthew 6:3-4 (Amplified)

If any righteous deed is arrogantly trumpeted

for all to hear and see what a great Christian

I am, is it really and truly a genuine, Christ-centered,

humble, righteous, noble, loving, merciful deed?

The Celestial Gift Of Ceaseless Speaking About The Brilliance, Beauty, And Love Found In The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Our Lord by Debbie Harris

Speaking of the redemptive

brilliance, beauty, and love

found in the gospel truth to

a dying and sin saturated

world is the most beloved,

beauty rich, eternal, celestial

gift or act of love that any

soul could ever, ever bestow.

Exalting And Proclaiming Jesus Christ And His Incomparable Gift of Salvation Brings The Glorious Gift Of Ceaseless Joy by Debbie Harris

On this beauty filled day,

what can we do to make

the name and salvation

of Jesus Christ more

known, exalted, glorified,

proclaimed, and honored

then who we are, who we

know, and what we own.

For exalting, proclaiming,

sharing, and authentically

living for Jesus Christ while

sharing His incomparable gift

of salvation always brings the

glorious gift of reverberating

Christ exalting, perpetual joy.

May Good Works Done For The Glory Of Our Triune God Be Our Ardent Desire And Passionate Delight by Debbie Harris

Throughout all the ages, the bold, courageous acts of

faith, hope, and love, done for the pinnacled glory of

Jesus Christ our Lord will follow us throughout all eternity

like a gold and gleaming river flowing upward to the majestic

and exquisite throne room of our Triune God. May gracious,

generous, Godly, gratuitous, unostentatious good works done

with grateful and adoring love for the glory, honor, and

advancement of the kingdom our Triune God be our living,

constant prayer, ardent desire and passionate delight

Our Changeless Trinitarian God Is Never Static But Is Always And Forever Moving Within And Without by Debbie Harris

Our changeless Trinitarian God is never static but is always and forever

moving in you, in me, in the world, in creation, in our hearts, souls, minds,

and lives. For our Trinitarian God is forever deepening, forever

transforming, forever interceding, forever whispering, forever rebuking,

forever loving, forever forgiving, forever providing, forever guiding,

forever redeeming, forever bestowing grace, hope, mercy and love,

forever correcting, forever convicting the world of sin, forever offering

the unsearchable riches of His glorious, lavish grace and love. Rejoice,

for we can always have expectant hope, love, and triumph through Jesus

Christ, our Lord! Our changeless Trinitarian God is never static but is

always and forever moving in you, in me, in the world, in creation, and in

our hearts, souls, minds, and lives. Changeless, yet always moving within

and without! Changeless, yet always moving within and without. Alleluia!