The Lord, Our Righteousness by Debbie Harris

The Lord is our blessed,

merciful, loving, glorious

righteousness not we

ourselves. But our precious

Savior Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and

Lord of Lords is

our adoring Abba

Father who lavishly

loves us so. The Lord is

our blessed, merciful,

loving, glorious righteousess

not we ourselves. Praise

our Savior forever and

ever and ever and ever

for truly one of His many

names is The Lord

our righteousness,

our justification,

our sanctification!

What underseved

treasures we all

have in Jesus Christ

our Lord and Savior.

Christ Alone Is Our Earthly And Eternal Treasure And The Worlds Only And True Cornerstone by Debbie Harris

As our beloved nation is

falling deeper and deeper

into chaos, lawlessness,

darkness, depravity, and

heinous sins, we have our

Triune God who smiles and

delights in those who are

His soldiers, ambassadors,

royals, and fierce defenders

of His Holy blessed ways,

His Word, His church, and

His most glory filled name,

Jesus Christ, King of Kings

and Lord of Lords. For Jesus

Christ alone, our all in all is

the only Sovereign ruler over

all people and over all nations.

Jesus keep us faithful to you

no matter what the financial

loss, no matter what the earthly

cost, no matter what the cost,

no matter what the cost for Jesus

Christ alone is our treasure, our

joyous earthly and eternal prize the

world’s only and true cornerstone.

The Anti-Scriptural, Demonic, Teaching Of Following Your Heart Leads Many To The Broad Path Of Unbelief, Immorality, And Hellish Destruction Versus The Narrow Golden, Biblical Path To Salvation, Joy, Holiness, And Heavenly Citizenship by Debbie Harris

For the Christian, follow your heart is anti-scriptural

and is indeed a doctrine of demons. But to the true

authentic follower of Jesus Christ, one who is truly

born again and saved by grace, listening and passionately

following the inerrant Word of God is like listening

to a Heavenly symphony while on the golden narrow

path to a Heavenly, glorious, undeserved citizenship.

An Authentic, Blood-Bought Believer Is Humble Not Proud by Debbie Harris

For it is either “God, I thank You that I am not like

other men or God, have mercy on me, a sinner!”

One is the errouneous doctrine of demonic pride

and hate. One is the humble, true contrite belief

that we are sinners and Christ alone is the one and

only Savior and Lord to all the world. For the very

moment we admit and repent of our sin is the grace-

filled glorious moment we become a Saint yet still a sinner!

For now and forever we are a transformed, new creature

redeemed masterpiece. We are loved, adored, delighted in

Child and Saint whose joy is to pursue Christ, righteousness,

grace, Biblical truth and Godly love. For it is either “God, I thank

You that I am not like other men or God, have mercy on me, a sinner!”

There Is No Greater Wealth Than Knowing Jesus Christ As Your Personal Savior And Lord by Debbie Harris

There is no greater

wealth that can exceed

or ever compare than the

treasures found in prayer

Bible study, and worship

of our beauty filled Savior

and Lord. For looking unto

Jesus Christ, King of Kings

and Lord of Lords makes

everything else seem small.

An Arrogant Assertion by Debbie Harris

I heard an arrogant, egotistical

leader say, I never make a mistake.

Hmmm, I believe that by saying that

you just did. We are all sinners saved

by grace. No one is sinless until Heaven.

And if we were we would have no need of

Jesus Christ. Such spiritual sickness is in our

land. Earthly sinless perfection is an heretical,

demonic, blasphemous teaching that makes

all of Heaven weep and will bring Heavens wrath

on such pompous, pretentious, pontifical, anti-

Biblical children of disobedience. Oh precious

Lord and Savior give us discernment in such evil,

wicked days. And may we always stand for

Biblical, Christ-centered, Christ honoring truth!

The Imperial And Regal Sunflower by Debbie Harris

Photo by David Dibert on

I saw an imperial and

regal sunflower robed

in its majestic gold and

brown Christ given robes

of beauty ardently and

joyfully follow the Heaven

sent Christ-created sunlight

wherever it led. So may we

all like the sunflower joyfully

and victoriously follow our

divine and Holy exqusite

light, Jesus Christ, our Savior,

our Lord our Creator wherever

He might, lead, may we follow.

For our beloved light and beauty

filled Savior is the only true glorious

Light Of The World who came

to seek, lavishly love, redeem

and transform all those who

are lost into Priests, Kings, and

Queens forever and forever more!