Joyfully And Victoriously Take A Stand for Jesus Christ And All His Holy Ways by Debbie Harris

On this earth, there is a loneliness in

taking a stand for our Triune God and

His Holy ways. However and forever until

He comes may we joyfully and courageously

always take a stand for our majestic Savior

and His Holy and triumphant ways. Royals,

no mater what the earthly cost, victoriously

stand, stand, stand, stand, stand anyway.

When Beauty Is Gifted To A Soul By Their Creator, There Is Divine Wonder And Holy Joy by Debbie Harris

Every Christ-created sculpture of a fragrant beauty-filled

flower can become a monumental moment of ascendent

radiancy that fills a heart with exceeding joy. For our Savior’s

miraculous, intricate and exquisite creation has been gifted

to a soul by their Creator. May all souls find their beauty filled

maker, which is Jesus Christ, our Lord as their personal Lord and

Savior, lover of their quintessence, eternal designer of all souls and

all of Creation. May His Holy, divine, majestic, exquisite designs,

help all to be redeemed, transformed, and filled with His praise

It Is Finished by Debbie Harris

Calvary’s glorious words of “It is finished”

makes all sinners, Saints. Saints who love,

forgive, and extend the grace and love that

our Savior has given to each of us. This is our

legacy! For now we are the true and redeemed

royals who now live for the glory of our Triune

God! For this dusty, sin-filled world is not our

home. Hallelujah, for Salvation’s gift gives us

the privilege of living for the Heavenly Kingdom

whose author and maker is our Triune God. Rejoice

royals for Jesus Christ, is our hope, our joy, our

life, our ambition, and our exuberant and lavish

Salvation! Calvary’s glorious words of , “It is

finished makes all sinners, Saints! Royals rejoice

because we have Jesus Christ, we have His

righteousness, His holiness, His joy, His strength,

His wisdom, His protection, and His sufficiency.

His name is engraved on our souls, and our names

are written in His precious Book of lIfe. It is finished.

It is finished. This is our eternal and earthly legacy.

Our Blessed Savior Is the Lily Of The Valley With A Crown Of Thorns by Debbie Harris

Our blessed Savior is the priceless Lily of The Valley with a

Crown of thorns,Soldiers of the blessed Cross of Jesus Christ,

how then can we as His royal, beloved heirs expect any less

in a world where evil is called good and good is called evil?

Ah but because of God, because of Jesus Christ, King of Kings

and Lord of Lords, and because of the Holy Spirit, we can indeed

triumphantly rejoice royals, for ours is and will be the exquisite

Kingdom of Heaven, forever, and forever, and forever, and forever more.

Fragrant Roses Of Flowery Hope by Debbie Harris

From the rising of the sunrise imbued with our Savior’s glorious various hues

to the setting of the sunset saturated with the colors of His love, there is nothing

that we cannot accomplish and bring about for our Savior’s glory. For within us

lives the precious gift of the Holy Spirit who bestows upon us lavish spiritual

wealth and copious fragrant roses of flowery beauty-filled Heavenly hope so

that we can lovingly, joyously, victoriously, triumphantly, valiantly serve and

make His resplendent will our own.

New Creature Masterpieces by Debbie Harris

Our precious Savior paints all HE has created with divine and

Holy beauty. The enemy of all souls paints with divisions, deceit,

lying, killings, destructions, and heinous acts of darkness portrayed

as light. May we know which painter is painting in the life of every soul.

Those who truly and authentically belong to Christ will indeed always

proclaim Jesus Christ and His glorious gospel, always love, always give

grace, love, mercy, and compassion that Jesus gives to each of us. And

we will always boldly, courageously, victoriously live for the glory of our

Triune God no matter what the cost. These are they redeemed who are

made new by the Cross and blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. For it is these

souls that are being lovingly, remade, restored, renewed, rescued and painted

into luminous and glorious new creature masterpieces for our Savior’s glory so

we can accomplish His glorious, imperial, regal, noble Holy, divine, grace-filled,

celestial Sovereign will through the unmatched power and beauty of Father,

Son, and Holy Spirit.

As God’s Royally, Redeemed, May We Celebrate Those Overlooked Earthly Royals That The World Is Not Worthy Of by Debbie Harris

When we get the opportunity,

may we lavishly celebrate those

royal sons and daughter of the

most High God who are never

celebrated. May this be one of

our many divine and Holy causes,

celebrating those who are never

celebrated! Celebrating those

whom the world is not worthy of.

For Christ is constantly and ceaselessly

celebrating all of His royally redeemed

born again lambs. Our Triune God is

not a respecter of persons. Alleluiah

for our Triune God loves, adores, and

delightfully sings over us all as if you,

and I are the only ones. May we learn to

equitably celebrate each other like Jesus does!