When we hear the morning celestial symphonies of Heaven

pour forth from the Cardinal, Sparrow, Dove, Blue Jay, or Wren

as they take their seats in the velvet green shimmering canopies of

light and dark leafy green sprinkled with diamonds of morning dew,

may we all pause for a Heavenly moment of beauty has been created for

each and every one of us. Ah, may we all take the time for such beauty to be

seen. For such feathered, colorful creatures of  beauty delight in their melodies

of song as they soar above all the earth heralding Salvation’s songs of praise!

What a mighty Heavenly chorus of divine and Holy beauty they bring

as they must be singing praises to our Savior, Lord, Creator,  and King.

Such tiny wings of strength and courage as they soar above all the happenings

of this earth. And just to think in such tiny birds as this there is found such

Holy, magnificent reverberating songs and arias of praise. Their Christ given

songs must be only a shimmering, glimmering, reflective glorious foreshadowing

of the praise that is always crescendoing in our eternal home, the celestial City

of Heaven. May we as royal sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord

of Lords sing His glorious praises as humbly and magnificently as they with

Salvation’s earthly wings soaring above all earth’s trials and woes with songs of

adoring accolades, psalms and proclamations of  praise, and exquiste Christ-honoring exaltations!