To look into each jubilant creation of fragrant flowering  beauty is to

but glimpse into our Triune God’s exquisite majesty, and power. From

perfumed honeysuckle, peonies, orchids, lilacs, lavender, magnolias,

hyacinths, and rose. All give us a glimpse of the eternal masterpieces in the

celestial kingdom that is to come. How gracious and tender of our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ to create such glorious dimly lit precursors to eternal glories.

The diffusing scents will fill our nostrils. The unseen will become seen, heard,

and felt in the New Heaven and the New Earth. For all the beauties that we see

on this earth will be restored, magnified, reclaimed, rebirthed into the perfected

bountiful creations found in the Garden of Eden. What Christ-created glories are

found in this earth! Yet what true, eternal, spiritual treasures such as crowns,

reunions,the great crowd of witnesses,heroes, and heroines of the faith

await those who know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord

on the other side.  Rejoice redeemed brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ,

for the unimaginable splendors of eternity,  ceaseless beauty filled days

without nights, no more tears, suffering, wars, disease or earthly woes is

yet to come. For our Triune God will be our eternal delight. For the glory of

God and  the Lamb will be our light forever, forever, forever, and forevermore.

Rejoice for the best is yet to come. Rejoice for the best is yet to come.