The beauty of any and all flowers

are filled with exquisite complexities

and beauty filled fragrances. Each

petal, each form, each individual

flower is created with Christ’s glory

and beauty. Such creations can only

be from the hands and heart of our

precious Lord and Savior, the only

Creator of all. Then think and ponder

upon what Christ-created wonders and

beauties the new Heaven and new earth

will contain. Then think upon the most

exhilarating promise of all, He will

dwell among us. His name will be

on our foreheads and we will see

His face. We will walk with Him

and He with us forever, forever,

and forevermore. When the world

is crumbling around us, trust Him,

and think on these most exhilarating

truths. For His eternal, majestic promises

fill every redeemed heart with Salvation’s

songs of Hope. May we all think about

divine and Holy things. For our hope is

never found in the Kingdom of this world.

For our blessed hope is found in the glorious

coming of Yeshua, Jesus Christ, King of Kings!