Jesus wept.

John 11:35 (KJV)

When a whole generation is passing onto their eternal and

and well deserved rewards and rest, it is those of us who are

left behind that grieve their monumental loss! All the while, we

know that Heaven is gloriously celebrating and welcoming all

redeemed royal heirs with trumpet blast and joyous jubilees.

For now a redeemed heir of Jesus Christ is now at rest in the true

eternal celestial city. Their Heavenly destination and welcoming is

now a glorious, joyous, victorious, triumphant reality. Yet all the while,

those who are left behind are grieving for a loss too great to even put into

earthly words.Yet, because of their Godly testimony and faith in Jesus Christ

we will remain stalwart and press forward in our faith resolving to forever live

out our faith like they did in Christ-like faithfulness, humbleness, generosity

mercy, grace, kindness, and love until our Savior bids us, “My child come on home!”