As we drive, walk, run,

or look out of a window

at this Christ created

earth full of our Savior’s

exquisite creativity ,every

single nano second of

breath taking beauty we

will ever, ever see is but a

shimmering shadowy glimpse

of a masterpiece authored

by our Savior’s brillance,

majesty, glory, holiness,

divinity, love, mercy, and

grace. May we all stand

in Holy awe, wonder, and

praise to Jesus Christ, our

Savior for the oh so many

beauty saturated splendors

of His creation He so kindly

gifts us with each and every

day. May His praise be proclaimed

forever and forever in our hearts,

souls, minds, thoughts, and words.

Praise to our Savior, our Creator,

our King, and our ceaseless friend

who is dateless, deathless, endless,

eternal, everlasting, immortal, unending

interminable, permanent, and divinely

perpetual as He sovereignly reigns. 

Amen, Amen, Amen, and Amen!