There is a demonic separation of church and state.

There is a demonic separation of God in the public square.

There is a tepid, luke warm spew you out of my mouth church

today who refuses to take a stand on what the Bible says. Where

are the preachers, the Christians who are taking a stand against

homosexuality, the demonic trafficking of children, Luciferian

human sacrifices, wicked rulers in high places? Where are

the cries of God’s people against slander, gossip, those who

call evil good and good evil? Where are the Christians, preachers

who are standing against the New World Order, Marxism, love

of money, greed, and the need for demonic and Luciferian power?

There is a troubling tendency of Christians who work to not

bring the Savior, His word and His Holy precious ways into

every aspect of the workplace. There is a tendency for Christians

today to be like the world when in the world. And yet be like

the church when in the culture of the Church. No, no, no,

and no! We are to be the salt of the culture, the light of the

world. We are not to hide Christ within us in any way.

Lord have mercy on our nation. We are a nation who

has turned their back on our precious Lord and Savior.

May God continue to protect the remant who is passionate

about loving, serving, and walking in His most precious Holy ways.