Imagine with me, if you will, dear reader

that a precious soul arrives horrifying

as it is in Hell, screaming but I am

woke. But I am woke. But I am woke.

I don’t understand. But I am woke.

As our Savior says, depart from me

I never knew thee. Oh precious

souls who know not the tender

mercy and compassion of Jesus

Christ, our Savior and Lord! Such

a precious soul is worshipping the

wrong person, the demonic enemy who

disguises themselves as an Angel of Light.

For the woke gospel is a demonic and

erroneous gospel that tragically leads

precious, deceived, rebellious souls to Hell.

There is only one way. There is only one way.

And that is through repentace and belief in the

only way which is through Jesus Christ, our Lord!