As Sons and Daughters of

the Kings of Kings and

Lord of Lords, may we

all purposefully wear the majestic,

blood-bought grace and

forgiveness of Jesus Christ

as a jubilant, gem-studded

decorated, gold and silver

royal robe, our Christ-bought

covering whose Holy impetus

causes us to have a broken

jubilant joy that all our sins

past, present, and future,

is under the precious efficacious,

royal, splendor, and lavish forgiveness

of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ,

royals, soldiers, citizens of the eternal

Kingdom, don’t forget to array yourself

with your Kings armor as well as you

enrobe yourself with the blood-bought,

imperial, exquisite, royal robes of salvation

that is our protective, joyous, hope-producing

covering that can never ever, no ever be taken away.