His blessed, Holy Word

is our refuge, our Holy

Mountain, our teacher,

our guide, our light

in this ever darkening

world. For His Holy

perfect inerrant word

sanctifies, cleanses,

teaches, corrects,

rebukes, restores,

gives wisdom, hope,

encouragement, and

gives us Biblical

expectant courage,

and assurance that

if God be for us

who can be against

us. So much hope

that each day we

can indeed mount

up with eagles wings!

Our hope is not in

the fickleness of humanity,

or some earthly pursuit.

No, our hope is in our

eternal Triune God,

His Holy, miraculous,

life-giving word, in

His Salvation, in our

personal relationship

with the King of Kings

and Lord of Lords. May

preeminence only be given

to our Savior, Lord, and King!