In these perilous times,

so many followers of

Jesus Christ are not

putting on the Lord

Jesus Christ every day.

For they are not putting

on the new creature fruits

of the Spirit. They are

acting out of the old

slandering, gossiping,

turning one against the

other worshipping power,

money, titles, and being

deceived by false gospels.

Oh how all true Christians

must grieve and long for the

the day when we all will be

perfected and see Jesus’ face

to face. There will be no more

tears of suffering, pain, sin,

looks of contempt, shame

or underserved humiliations.

For we all will be changed,

perfected, sinless, lavishly

and ceaselessly filled with

the glory of Jesus Christ,

our true King of Kings as

we forever bask under the

loving, light-filled presence

of our Savior’s exorbitant love

and undeserved grace. Come,

Lord Jesus, come! Come quickly