When the name or personage of Jesus

Christ, our Lord is dishonored, mocked,

or blasphemed against, every true passionate

Christ followers should be indignant and

grieved at any and all anti-Biblical, ungodly,

blasphemous and sin-filled transgressions

that shake their fists in the face of our precious

incomparable, blessed, divine, and Holy Triune God.

May every true, authentic Christ-follower always

not only defend the priceless name of our Savior,

Lord, and King, but also always defend the inerrant

Holy Scriptures which is the voice of God in print.

May the love we have for our Savior and the

love our Savior has for us always cause us to

stand up, adore, and love, the one who died to

save all of us from our sins in order to give us

a forgiven royal status that can never be shaken.

Followers of Jesus Christ, true royal heirs of the

eternal kingdom, may we always be willing to

take a Biblical stand. For our first loyalty always

must be to Jesus Christ, to Jesus Christ alone.