Oh to live in a world without cruelty, maliciousness, slander,

deceit, violence, and wickedness of heinous perverted proportions.

Future royals of the Kingdom of our Triune God, this is indeed why

our Savior, Jesus Christ gave us the beauty-filled, ultimate, glorious

doctrinal gems of the divine reality, the rapture and Heaven to provide

us with ceaseless, unending, triumphant Christ-centered hope in the

midst of our world system which is demonically spiraling down into

heinous, unspeakable sin, darkness, rebellion, lawlessness, and

glorified wickedness. Even in the midst of all of this, Jesus tells us

not to despair. For all of this must happen before He comes to take

us to our true home where there will be no more tears, only true,

triumphant, tearless, thrilling, treasured JOY! For we will see our

ultimate joy when we see Jesus Christ, King of KIngs and Lord of

Lords face to face. Oh, what a day that will be. Oh, what a day!