Our hope is not in dusty humanity.

Our hope is not in wealth, power,

fame, or the flimsy approval of

mortals. Our hope is not in any

position or title which God in His

lavish love, mercy, and grace has

allowed. No, our hope is not in politics,

leaders, or in this sin-filled earthly realm.

Our hope is in Yeshua, Jesus Christ,

the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the

King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

our Redeemer, our advocate,

our mediator who gloriously

procured our redemption,

and lavishly gifts us with

His righteousness, His love,

His tender mercies, His justification,

His sanctification, His adoption,

His propitiation, and His reconciliation!

There is no book large enough

or any well of ink large enough

that can truly contain what Jesus Christ.

our blessed, precious, Savior and Lord

has done, is doing, and will continue

to do for each and every soul

that is beautifully redeemed

and written on the palms

of His nail-pierced hands.

Oh we can always rejoice

for Jesus Christ alone is

the Sovereign King and

ruler over all, over all.