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Anger, rage, malice, gossip, disrespect,

all are but celebrated tools of the enemy

of our souls, Satan, utilizes to lie, distort,

kill, divide, and destroy. Love, patience

kindness, mercy, and grace always reveal

the attributional brilliance and signature

of our beauty and love filled Triune God.

And yet all those who truly know God know

that it is His love, justice, wrath, and judgment

that work together for a glorious, majestic, love

saturated symphony. All those who reject that

our Triune God is a God of judgment, wrath, mercy,

beauty and love are rejecting the very person of our

Triune God. For our precious Triune God’s wrath and

judgement show His great, great, great virtuoso, Masterly,

all encompassing, sovereign Fatherly, and Kingly love!