The ways of our Triune God are mountainously

and unfathomably higher than ours to be sure.

Yet, we, as His royally redeemed children can always

and forever trust His love-filled heart. For our

Savior is ceaselessly righteous, kind, and good.

Our Heavenly Father sees all hearts, souls, minds,

and longs for them to be eternally adopted as children

of the Heavenly King in the eternal kingdom to come.

Yet when nations rage and mock His most Holy Word.

When the world calls good evil and evil good, and the

truly righteous are persecuted and killed just because they

believe in Jesus the Holy Lamb of God as their personal

Lord and Savior. This must grieve the precious Holy Spirit

of our God. And our Triune God must weep because of the

wickedness found in all the lands. When disaster upon

disasters come upon any people or nation, this is indeed

the world’s largest altar call to turn back to Jesus Christ, the

Holy Bible, the ways of the Cross, and take a loving grace-filled

stand against sin! What would happen if every soul in every

nation repented of all their sins, worshiped the one and only

Savior, Jesus Christ, our righteousness Savior, and King?  What

if souls from all the nations told Him they need Him as their Savior,

Redeemer,  and friend? What if Christians looked more like

Christ than the world? What if the redeemed all repented of

not being the salt and light in a culture who so desperately

needs to see Jesus Christ living and loving in and through them?

What if during such a time as this, we all repent and seek

His face and repent of any and all sins? This, this, this, this

act of reverence, love, repentance, obedience,  and humility is

what our loving Triune God longs for, that all may come to Him.

May we all in the household of faith come first, humble ourselves,

pray, seek His face so that he can heal, mend, transform, redeem

all souls and heal all lands. May this be our loving prayer of faith.

May all of our offerings of powerful, penitent, entreaties, litanies,

repentant pleas, imploring supplications, and faith-filled prayers heal our land!