When the entire world has been put on a

sorrowful tragic pause, may this bring

us to our knees to worship our Savior,

the great I AM for He is the victor of all

our foes seen and unseen. He is the

author of all life. He is our Creator,

Savior, Lord, Sustainer, defender

and King. May we all use any tragic

pause to repent, to seek His face and

ponder if all our ways are honoring

Him. At the same time realizing that

in every tragedy, our Triune God comes

alongside each and every soul and knocks

on every soul to accept his love, Salvation.

For divinity weeps, laments  and comforts

those whose hearts have been broken.

For God is love. And His nail-pierced hands

are always, always, always, always, always

open to those who will but run to Him.

May each and every precious soul repent,

receive, and believe in the beauty, majesty,

kindness, mercy, ceaseless hope, grace and

saving power found only in Jesus Christ,

risen Savior, Redeemer and majestic friend.