The glory of Christ dwells upon every intent, action, attitude, and deed that

is based on the living, inerrant glory  filled Word of  our Triumphant Triune

God. For truly this is when Heaven comes down to this Christ-created earth

and shines in all of us! May this be our prayer. May this be our practice.

May this be our visible love in action for our Savior to do or say nothing that is

not in accordance with His love-drenched, diamond filled, treasure of all

treasures, His most precious, Holy, Spirit-filled Word! May following His word,

becoming a Beran be our legacy as royal sons, daughters, Kings, and Queens

of the new Heaven and new earth! May we be found as passionate, bold, never

ashamed followers of Jesus Christ, while we are in this world that is not our home.

May this be our passion day and night, minute to minute, scenario by scenario,

moment by moment whether young, old,  newly saved or redeemed for many

years, to say or do nothing that would hurt the heart of our  King of Kings,

Lord of Lords or damage the cause of Jesus Christ, our most blessed Master,

redeemer, friend, and coming Messiah! For we are indeed His royal ambassadors,

chosen, royal priesthood, purchased by His precious blood. We are His redeemed

masterpieces and representatives to show forth His transformational love, and

glorious gospel news to all the world. For we have a Savior with nail prints in

His hands! Jesus is the world’s only hope and light! Jesus is the light of the world.