For every kindness given for the glory of our God,

through the  empowering Spirit that majestically

dwells within us, and because of the redeeming love of Jesus,

I imagine there is a shower of gentle springtime, fragrant

sparkling diamonds that are bestowed to the recipient

of that lavish act of redeemed kindness and grace! And

that very act of lavish kindness sourced by the mighty

power of our Triune God may be the very action prayed

for and needed for accomplishing God’s will in a soul.

For we are or should be the hands and feet of our risen Lord.

For we should boldly, joyously, victoriously, unashamedly share

the triumphant good news of our Savior’s redeeming grace and

never-ending love. Such a divine and holy love that can only be

traced to the nail-pierced hands of our precious Savior and Lord

whose transformational love, mercy, grace, and ceaseless eternal

kindness turns us all into His royal Priests, Kings, and Queens.