I saw someone  set up to fail today.

My heart was filled with Holy tears

that quickly rolled down my cheek.

I know that the enemy is clapping

with gnarled claws and smiling teeth.

I spoke to no avail. I know our Savior

weeps and will bring justice and God sent

sweet victory and soon needed relief.

I saw someone set up to fail today.

My heart was filled with Holy tears

that quickly rolled down my cheek.

I know our Savior weeps  and

will bring justice and God sent

victory and relief. Until then I will

saturate my days and nights with

a Christ given warrior’s prayer!

I saw someone set up to fail today.

And I am filled with a righteous anger

that calls for compassion, mercy, love

forgiveness, truth, and confrontation all

the while I am admittedly left in disbelief

that a child of the King of Kings and  Lord of

Lords could be so cold, so cruel, and so unfair.

I saw someone set up to fail today.

And I know that I know that I know

that our Savior, the Lion of Judah

weeps and will come with a mighty

victory and swift deliverance. Soon

all will  hear His mighty, righteous roar!