As the world grows darker and darker with sin may Jesus Christ,

the light of the world, who resides within illumine us more and more .

May we, as Christ’s redeemed, with great thankfulness, authenticity,

compassion, and praise always be able to humbly and  penitently say,

“There by the grace of God go I” For my sin, my wickedness, and

my pride is just as deep, just as heinous just as wide as any

sin for there is no hierarchy of sin with our God! And if we cannot

tenderly and graciously say this when we see others sin, “There by

the grace of God go I, we, in our arrogance, sin. For our precious tender

Savior says, For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

There is none righteous no  not one.Glorious  Church of Jesus Christ

who because of Jesus Christ is without spot or wrinkle may we be

tender, humble, gracious, forgiving with each another for we all

have sinned. May none of us be like the proud Pharisee who is

always grieving our precious Triune God by always pointing out the sins

of others while never dealing with their own sinful and pernicious ways.