Grace to
cover all
our sins.

Grace to
get us over
and through
our mountains
and our vally’s.

Grace to refresh us
in all our deserts
by His God sent
word filled
living streams.

Grace to cover all
our insufficiencies
by giving us His
sufficiency, power,
strength and love!

Grace to encourage us
with God sent joys.

Grace to bring us
Christ given victories!

Grace to bring to us
all our undeserved
many, many blessings.

Grace to supply
all our needs.

Grace to strengthen
us in all our days.

Grace to cover
and comfort us
in all our sorrows
tears, and fears!

Grace to cover
all our wounds,
to jubilant.
hopeful joys
filled with
the hope
of wonderful

Grace, grace God’s grace
Grace, grace, beautiful
unending, ceaseless
marvelous, costly grace
is a gift beyond compare!