When lovingly and graciously
speaking truth to a soul in
need is not as important as
being politically correct we
as a nation, as a people,
as a church, as the precious
body of Christ, as salt in
the world are becoming
spiritually darkened.

For lovingly, tenderly,
compassionately, graciously
speaking truth to ourselves first
and than to each other honors Christ.

And if when dealing with others
we cannot humbly say, there
by the grace God I, we should
not harshly speak and wound
a precious soul our Triune
God is trying to reach.

Yet there is a delicate
balance and such sober
warnings given to us by
our Savior when we call
evil good and good evil.

Father grant your people
the delicate grace-filled
Spirit given tender discerning
balance of love and truth when
dealing with a precious soul.

And may we as your precious
church first start with the
I found in me before we
find fault with each other.

For speaking the truth in love we
can always, as our Savior’s
representatives, maintain
the dignity of a soul while
graciously speaking truth.

For this is the example that
our Savior lived. May we live
as He lived. May we walk in His
ways so our joy can be complete.