Beyond the blessings of earthly grace
given by mortal humanity there is one
source of unmerited favor that far
outweighs the grace and mercy of all
men and it is the never-ending, limitless,
unmerited grace,Cross procured favor
of our love-filled Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ. For our merciful Savior
is always there to lavishly, ceaselessly,
unconditionally give out His mountainous
grace to His royal heirs time after time
after time after time. For Christ, our Savior
pours out to His children His immense divine
and royal graces and favors freely without measure.
For He is not a respecter of persons but loves
all men well and invites all to the banquet table
of His Grace through the Cross.For He is our God
and His grace is the bejeweled Crown of resilient
beauty worn humbly by sinners now saints with a
great sense of unmerited, redemptive, royal gratitude
for all of the beauty found in salvation’s gift,Emmanuel!