One petitionary prayer can change

the status quo of history. Oh, Saints

pray on. Have we forgotten the

mountain-moving power of prayer?

Soldiers of the Cross pray on. Sick?

Pray on. Discouraged? Pray on.

Is demonic darkness covering our

beloved nation? Saints pray on!

Need a blessing, pray on! No need,

concern, worry, or dream is too big

or too small. Pray big, believe, and

watch the mighty hand of our Triune

God move on our behalf for His glory

and His honor. Saints pray on. Let

us shake the Heavens with our prayers

by which our Savior delights. We are

the Sons and Daughters of the King of

Kings and Lord of Lords. Saints pray on.

Saints pray on. Saints pray on and let

us make Satan and His minions tremble

as we, His saints, pray with expectant hope,

victory, and anticipatory confidence in

the power and promises of our blessed

Godhead. Saints pray on. Saints pray on.

Saints pray on. For our prayers are our

Savior’s delight. Saints pray on. For our

Triune God hears and answers the prayers

of the righteous which availeth much.

Church, Saints, Soldiers, and Warriors

of the Cross of Jesus Christ have you,

have we, have I forgotten the blessed

power and majestic privilege of prayer.

May we all be like Daniels in this

worldly system of chaos and woe.

Saints pray on. Saints pray on,

pray on for there is power in prayer

to change history and the status quo.