Grace upon grace,

upon grace, upon grace,

so much grace has been

bestowed to each and

every sinner gloriously

saved by grace. All those

who are repentant and

redeemed have received

the glorious riches of

Jesus Christ. Oh but

truly church we can

say we love grace.

We have received

His precious, loving,

compassionate underserved

grace. But when was the

last time you saw, gave,

or received grace upon

grace based on Biblical

truth nor on blasphemous

anti-biblical relevance?

Oh yes there is a great

deal of talk about grace.

But may we intentionally

practice it, give it out,

proclaim it out wherever our

Savior places us to serve whether

at home, at church, or in the

workplace. Grace upon grace,

upon grace upon grace,

Church live it, give it out.