Oh Lord, our masterful,

brilliant, incomparable

Creator who creates

with beauty and magnificence

your Creations are filled

with the resplendency,

excellence, and

wondrousness of you,

the one and only I AM .

To look at your beauty-filled

creation is be filled

with wonder. For all

that you have created is

filled with beauty, majesty

glory, and honor. Even

the humble blade of grass

when seen up close has

more intricacies then

the human mind can grasp.

Oh Creator of all things

full of beauty, majesty,

and holiness, we adore

and worship thee. For

when we take the time

to see your creations,

they point back to

Jesus Christ, our Lord

and Savior, our blessed

and glorious Creator.

We adore and worship

thee alone. For all of

your Creation sings

of your gift of all

gifts, the highest

honor of all honors,

Salvation through

the precious, blessed,

life-giving, soul saving

blood of the Lamb of God.