We have the blessed, Holy,

triumphant Emmanuel mind

of Christ Jesus our Savior,

Redeemer and Lord. What a

blessed, glorious, eternal, Holy,

divine, Heavenly, sacred,

hallowed, sacrosanct,

sanctified, Biblical reality.

Christians we are rich indeed

for we have the incomparable

wealth of Christ within and

Christ without, glorious indeed!

So agust, baronial, imperial,

epic, gallant, grand, grandiose,

imposing, magnificent, majestic,

massive, monumental, noble,

regal, royal, spendid, stately

respekendent, celestial, Heavnely,

and divine is this thought that

it should bring us to our knees

in humble worship and adoration

as we humbly exclaim, “We have

the mind of Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

May we live our lives in light of

this Biblical and life changing reality.