For those who are gloriously redeemed,

we are the majestic, imperial, glorious

Temple of the one who lives within,

our incomparable, beauty-filled, Holy,

mighty, loving Shepherd, Redeemer,

Savior and Friend. One whose names

are as many as the sands of the sea,

Jesus Christ, Messian, King, Warrior

for righteousness, Deliverer, Yeshua.

There is only one name whose name

is the only name above all other names.

For Jesus Christ is His name. And our

precious Savior has made us his temple

by His own blood. The preciousness of

the blood of Jesus Christ is the fountain

of our redemption and gifts us with the

entrance of Jesus Christ within our hearts,

regeneration, and white as snow new life.

Now then, joint heir of Jesus Christ, whose

name are you lifting up? Whose name?