Job’s friends totally misrepresented

God to Job in his time of greatest

need. They were false in their logic

and in their conclusions. They believed

that man must do things in order

to win the favor of God and therefore

suffering is a sign of God’s displeasure.

Yet these false friends did not realize

know, or seek to know that there is

always a place for innocent suffering

that has absolutely nothing to do

with sin or wrongdoing of any kind.

Such a heinous doctrine this is in that

they horrendously misrepresented God

in a challenging, painful, inconceivable

trial sent to Job from an all-loving, Holy,

omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God.

When Job needed His friends the

most they ganged up on Him and

increased His suffering and woe

through unjust, unfair, anti-Biblical

humiliation. In a seemingly increasing

“end-time living” world of friends like Job

had, may we never be like the friends of

Job who increased Job’s suffering and woe

by not knowing, studying, putting into

practice the true picture of God’s tender

merciful, lavish, never-ceasing love and care!

And instead of truly understanding

the totality of Job’s precious life and

all that He was going through by the

willingness to walk in His pain, they became

demonic arrows in the hands of Satan

that destroyed, debilitated, and indeed

became a voice of deception. Instead

of lifting up, encouraging, and giving

hope, joy, and comfort they mistakenly

gave reproof, unfair judgment, correction,

and doctrinal error to a precious soul who

was in perpetual grief. May we, as true

courageous, victorious, triumphant followers

of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of

Lords, who is tender and merciful in all His

ways, never, ever, no ever, no never be

like the wound creating friends of Job.