On every beauty filled twig, branch, tree, leaf,

flower,ocean, river, stream, star, moon, sun,

sky, snowflake, raindrop , seasons and soul is the

brilliant, beautiful, bountiful, autograph of no other

than our Savior,Jesus Christ, Creator and King over all!

In this, we can rejoice all day and all night long.

For our Savior-King is the author of innumerable

benefits to all. May we every moment of every

day recognize all our Savior’s blessings, mercy,

kindness, grace, forgiveness and tender care.

And when we do may we all cultivate a thankful

adoring, and grateful heart for all that Jesus, our

Savior, our King, our benefactor will do, has done,

and will contiune to do for those who love Him with

all their hearts, souls, and minds. Royals of the

true eternal Kingdom that is soon to come. Thank

Him, thank Him, thank Him, thank Him all day long.