If one is truly a Christ-follower, there should

never be a better than thou attitude of the

one who calls themselves truly born again.

Yes, we all have different roles and tasks

but that does not make one better than

anyone else. For once saved, we are looked

as royal heirs of Jesus Christ and blessedly

and imperially seen as the righteousness of our

precious Savior and Lord. For indeed we are

no longer sinners but honored, adored, and

beloved, favored, and highly esteemed Saints

of our Triune God. Imagine the hypocrisy, arrogance,

and sin filled stance of thinking one is better than

someone else.This type of arrogance must make even

God weep as well as create demonic shame on those

who unfortunately come in contact with such sin filled

hypocricy, arrogance, and demonic pride! May we all

put on our light filled, glittering armor of righteousness

so that the arrows just roll off our royal and splendid

daily apparrel. For greater is He that is in us than He

that is in the world. For greater is He! Greater is He!

Greater is He! Greater is He! Greater is He! Greater is He!

For this is our Holy, divine, glorious, victorious, incessant

melodic gold and silver trumpet-filled triumphant battle song!