Who will stand for Jesus Christ?

Who will stand for the Word of God?

Who will stand for Biblical righteousness?

Who will stand in awe and wonder at

the majesty, power, and love of our Savior?

Who will repent so we can be blessed by God?

Who will point others to the one true, mighty,

Holy Savior Jesus Christ, King of Kings and

Lord of Lords? Who will cry out against

the rebellious, reprobate, wicked, heinous,

demonic compromise and sin we are seeing in

schools, churches, government, and entertainment,

who? May it be you and me. May it be the church.

Ignite the pulpits again with your Holy, sacred

Christ and Word-centered fire. Ignite all who are

truly redeemed with your Holy, sacred Christ and

Word-centered fire. Oh Lord ignite this nation

with your Holy, sacred, Christ and word-centered

fire! For you alone are the only one who can

indeed make our nation great again, only when

we repent and turn back to thee. Oh Lord who

will point back judges, governors, mayors, police,

legislators, teachers, and all of humanity back

to the divine, Holy, and majestic ways and Holy

Word of our incomparable Savior and Lord? For

Jesus Christ alone is the only true King and ruler

over all the world? Who? Who? Who my friend?

Oh, may it be you and me! For our only hope is

found in Jesus Christ and His most Holy ways!

Our only hope is found in the gospel of

Jesus Christ who makes all who repent

new creatures! Jesus Christ, our true,

mighty, majestic, magnificent, sovereign

King, Redeemer, Warrior, JEHOVAH SABBAOTH 

is indeed the only hope, the only true, living

life, and hope-giving way, for our compromised

church and ever-darkening nation! May our nation

repent for our God, JEHOVAH SABBAOTH is indeed

mighty to save, mighty to save, mighty to save!