May we as God’s royally chosen

be collectors of our Triune God’s

Holy, and divine bounteous beauties

and blessings. This would indeed

take a lifetime of praise for any

and all believers, who are truly

and authentically born again.

May we repeat His blessings and

newly found Christ-given and created

moments of Holy and divine beauty

every moment of every day. The

blessing of the precious Holy inerrant,

divine scripture. The beauty of sola

Scriptura and the golden gift of rhema

found in daily being formed, renewed,

strengthened, rebuked, corrected,

filled with our Triune God’s mercy,

grace, truth, doctrine, and love is

finding beauty and blessing all

in the Holy Bible, book of all books.

Now true royals of the eternal

Kingdom of our Triune God, may

you, may I, may we start filling

our hearts, souls, and minds

with the mountainous and

ceaselessly flowering gifts

of beauty and blessings

found only in our Triune God!

Now, go find them, tend them,

watch praise and blessings flow

flourish and flower as you seek to

grow in the grace, and knowledge

of Jesus Christ our incomparable

risen, Savior and Lord. Go now, go!