The goodness of our Triune God

forever and ever surrounds us from

sunrise to sunset, in flowers, in

trees, in delightful living creatures,

in light, in the stars that shine like

diamonds in the night sky, in the

moon, in the sun, in the rain,

in sleet, ice, snow, and in the

miraculous appearance of Fall,

winter, springtime, and summer

in food, in water, in aquamarine oceans,

in waterfalls, rivers, streams, woods,

in valleys, mountaintops, desserts,

wilderness, birds that sing, in smiles, in

fellow human beings, in family, in

friends, in fragrances, in clothing,

in taste, smell, touch, eyes

that see, in the providential provision,

of God’s attributional perfection,

in our Savior’s mercy, grace, repentance,

forgiveness, compassion, and

through our Savior’s grandest free

gift, a love-filled redemption through

His precious, divine, and Holy,

cleansing, atoning blood.

The goodness of our Triune

God forever surrounds us.