Malice, rage, anger, and slander blinds a

person to their own demonically sourced

cruelty. It is often couched in the terms of

truth, reality and authenticity. When in

reality truth should be given in meekness,

humility, tenderness, mercy and care first

recognizing a person’s strength not their

weakness while they esteem each other higher

than themselves. Do Christians not realize that

every idle word will be judged by Jesus Christ,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords? How many

lives and reputations have been destroyed

by the power of the tongue. Yet you tell us

in your Holy Word that this is the way it

will be in the end times. Lord, even in the

end times, may the precious church of Jesus

Christ guard their thoughts that become missle

words of destruction and woe. For indeed Lord

there is life and death in the power of the tongue.

May the church realize this glorious, golden

Christ-given, life-giving, hope producing truth

as they make it a moment by moment verbal reality.