Jesus is a better

friend then all

of humanity.

Jesus is the most

tender friend we

can ever truly have.

Jesus has made every

part of us and truly and

ceaselessly understands.

Jesus’ adoring love for us

will never betray or

falsely slander our

Christ-centered and

Christ-honoring ways.

Oh friend, do you need

a friend? There is no more

exquisite, more faithful,

flawless, impeccable,

irreproachable, unsurpassed,

perfect friend, Savior,

Redeemer, fortress,

defender, joy and

hope producer then

Jesus Christ, our

risen Savior and Lord.

Seek Him. Seek Him.

Trust Him. Trust Him.

Make Jesus Christ,

Yeshua your friend.

For Jesus Christ

alone is the ultimate

friend of all friends.