Accepted in the beloved,

oh joyous, life-giving doctrine

of irreplaceable gracious grace.

Accepted in the beloved,

oh this is our moment by

by moment victorious

anthem of joyous praise.

Accepted in the beloved

may every time we take

a step, may this be our

heart, soul, and mind’s

repetitive, rythmic,

triumphant phrase.

We need not men’s

earthly, dusty praise.

From youth to old age,

may this be our song,

Accepted in the beloved,

accepted in the beloved,

accepted in the beloved,

praise Father, Son, and

Holy Spirit! Accepted

in the beloved. Praise

our Savior that thorough

the Cross and His precious

blood, we are deemed, Holy,

righteous, royal, Kings, Queens,

and high priests eternally, and

forevermore. Brothers and Sisters

in Jesus Christ, our Lord, all of this

because we are accepted in the beloved!