Our Creator, Jesus, Savior to all the world,

has created all that is beautiful. May we all

revel, rejoice, and be rejuvenated in sheer

wonder, worship, and adoration to our brilliant

Creator. For His beauty-filled creations were

created out of love for all to see His glory, grace,

beauty, majesty, and transforming new creature

Salvation. For is not Creation transformed from Spring

to Summer, Summer to Autumn, and Autumn to Winter?

A majesty and grandeur that only our King of King could create.

Yes, indeed all Creation is but a metaphor, a song, a divine, and Holy

symphony of all symphonies which ceaselessly and exquisitely sings

of our Creator and Redeemer’s amazing, loving, beauty-filled, transforming

saving, underserved Salvation full of mercy, love, grace, and truth.