Tired redeemed warrior of Jesus Christ?

Weary of the battle royally redeemed?

Tired of the divinely redemptive royal, Holy fray?

Let us then fall upon our knees! Let us then

open up the living, enlivening, empowering

rejuvenating Holy, divine, Holy, inerrant Word

of our Triune God and ask God to fill us to

the brim with His strength and mighty power!

Let us stand underneath the unending waterfall

of mercy, grace, forgiveness, truth, and love

until His overflow of divinity is flowing in us again.

Let us pour out our hearts to our all-sufficient

Savior through prayer so all our burdens will be lifted

to the shoulders of the risen King of Kings. Let us lift

and build each other up through encouragement,

truth, grace, mercy, love, help, and, prayers. Let us fix

our eyes on Jesus, the Sovereign, omniscient, and

omnipotent author, and finisher of our Christ-given

gift of all gifts, Salvation. Let us realize we are indeed

living in Biblical, prophetic, and perilous times. Let us

never ever, no ever, no never forget to put on our spiritual

amour every moment of every day. Let us realize

the immensity, power, beauty, and strength that is

found in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And after

strengthening yourself in your, in our Triune God.

Let us then victoriously, triumphantly rise, stand, and

battle on as redeemed and blood-bought, glorious

warriors, a royally redeemed people, therefore, the

true and majestic cross and blood bought army of

our Alpha and Omega, our Yeshua, the great I AM! For His

immense, extensive, colossal, prodigious power and strength

within us is ceaseless, overflowing, and ever-abiding!

Rise up oh man and warrior of God. Rise up oh woman and

warrior of God, rise up oh child and warrior of God, and be

willing to stand for our King! Rise up and know, realize,

rely on and in the immensity of our blessed Savior within!