Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

The resilient, determined, sturdy,

Christ- created beauty of a wildflower

is a Holy, divine. breath-taking sight indeed.

A blessed reminder that we as God’s Holy,

redeemed Kings, Queens, and joint-heirs can,

will, and indeed thrive as servants, ambassadors,

and true royals of the true eternal Kingdom no

matter what the circumstances may be. No

matter how heinous, Godless, unholy, demonically

driven leaders rule, we will still with honor serve

our risen, Savior, Lord, Creator, and King.

The true, authentic, royal, born-again

Christ-follower like the resilient. beauty-filled

Christ- created wildflower can never, ever be

shaken away from the free, glorious, imputed

righteousness of Jesus Christ, who clothes us

with His imperial, exquisite, glorious robes of

new creature beauty-filled, undeserved Salvation,

just like the beauty-filled robes of wild-flowers

in a field!