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We should be busy about

our Triune God’s business,

the proclamation of our

Savior, Jesus Christ’s

amazing grace and free

gift of eternal Salvation,

gift of all gifts. Would it not

be the honor of all honors

if we were one of the redeemed

that would share Christ with

a precious soul, then at that

very moment our God would

turn to His angel and say at that

glorious moment on that glorious

long-awaited day, Sound the final

trumpet and I will bring my people

to their true eternal home. Oh

what a glorious day that will

be. Until that joyous day,

may we be about our Father’s

business which is to share

our Savior’s new creature

sin canceling good news of

the free gift of Salvation through

Jesus Christ, our resurrected and

living Lord, the true and only

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

over all rulers, people, and nations.