Your presence, our joy.

Your Hold Word, our riches.

Your promises, our wealth.

Your rapture, our glittering hope.

Your armor, our honor to wear.

Your Cross, our redemptive glory.

Your ascension to ceaselessly

advocate for us, our gift of delight.

Your resurrection, a perpetual

doctrinal flower that always blooms.

Your love is our moment-by-moment adorning.

Precious Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you

alone are our treasure, our wealth, our

hope, our rock, our King, our Lord,

our friend, our Jehovah, our beauty,

our righteousness, our divine, sinless

and Holy Tryptych, our all in all, our all in

all, our glorious, unmatched, beautiful,

exquisite, meek, and Holy all in all.

Thank you for the gift of Jesus Christ,

our Redeemer, Savior, and King!

May your loving, grace-filled,

victorious, underserved, delightful

glorious, gift of eternal life be our

ceaseless passionate proclamation.