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Never before in the history of the world

has the world been set up like this for

the end of days. Do we know when our

Savior comes? No! But should we live

like He could come at any moment!

Yes! For this is the majestic golden, purple,

and red velvet hope that fills our

days with anticipation and hope.

Never before in the history of the

world has the world been set up with

so many, mighty prophetic events that

align with the precious, inerrant, Holy

Word of our God. Redeemed and royal

Christian warriors of the faith, it could be

today. But until that glorious moment, may

we all live in light of this glorious, hope filled

Biblical, doctrinal truth. May the church teach

and preach on the Biblical prophecy of the miraculous,

victorious, life giving, fear reducing, rapture

of the church. Why are so many churches silent

upon the very doctrine that buoys the Christians

heart, soul, and mind with ceaseless, Christ-centered

hope and anticipatory joy? For the doctrine of the

rapture is what brings the true authentic passionate

Christian courage, joy, and the golden prophetic

hope that can never be taken away! Royals, maybe

today our Savior will rapture us home! Soldiers of

the Cross, maybe tomorrow the rapture will occur!

New Creature joint heirs, maybe this year the King

of Kings will give His Archangel the nod to sound the

trumpet and bring us home! Kings, Queens, High Priests

of the new Kingdom that is to come, maybe the rapture

will not happen until years and years from now, but the

joyous, glittering doctrinal beauty of anticipatory hope

of the rapture of the church to our true eternal home

should set every Christians heart on fire with a perpetual

divine and Holy flame to urgently advance the eternal

Kingdom of our Triune God! So you see true followers of

Jesus Christ we can always rejoice and have hope, for at

any given moment, minute, day or hour our Savior could

come in the twinkling of an eye and call us gloriously home!