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Lord have mercy for your bride the church has turned

Laodoceian, woke, progressive, and heretical in their

teaching not even teaching the transforming doctrines

of the life giving Bible. We do not need the doctrinal

heretical error of appeasement where we do not call

sin, sin for this is not true Christ-like love. For it is only

the doctrine of sin that brings all souls to humble repentance.

For the true, authentic, passionate Christian does not want

to hear the heretical and erroneous teaching of the prosperity

gospel, social justice, or Critical race theory. We want the

glorious, eternal, never changing true Biblical teachings that

teach repentance, sin, redemption and new creature salvation

and transformation that only comes through faith in Christ alone.

Lord may we be that Christian who walks in the ways of our Lord

found only in the Holy, divine, living, breath of God, the Bible

not in the wicked, woke, worldly popular ways of the world.

Lord have mercy on those who have strayed from your word that

reveals your most precious and Holy ways and the paths of

righteousness we are to joyously walk. Lord Jesus have mercy on

this nation who has turned their back on thee. Lord strengthen

your people with boldness, courage, strength and the eternal

hope that at any time you could come and gloriously bring your

Saints home. For you are our hope, shield, and beauty in this

ever darkening world. Turn our eyes to Heaven where the light

of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit never dims. And as this world

spirals down into darkness, light up and enliven all true believers

with your hope, your love, your Holy Word, your victory, your

nobility and royalty, your precious, blessed Holy and righteous ways.

Fill us up, light us up as we live out the gift of all gifts, the transforming

gift of Salvation that only comes through Jesus Christ, Yeshua, our

redeemer, our Lord, our soon coming, exalted King of Kings!