The true authentic, passionate, Christ and word saturated

Christian is truly excited about the doctrinal diamond of the

rapture of the church. It does not mean they do not love the

gift of life, and days that our Savior and blesses and bestows

upon us. But it does mean that the true Christian knows that

the Kingdom of our Triune God is so much greater, superior,

exceptional than anything this fleeting world can ever, offer.

Our precious Triune God has given every generation this blessed,

glorious, triumphant hope to give us an eternal hope, that can never

be taken away. Maybe today, our Savior will come for us to take us to our

true eternal and joyous home! Maybe today Christian royally redeemed!

Maybe today joint-heir of Jesus Christ! Maybe today warrior of the cross

of Christ! Maybe today joint-heir of Jesus Christ! Maybe today we will meet

our Savior face to face. Maybe today Jesus Christ will come. This is our hope.

May no one allow your Biblical confidence to be deceived away. For denying the

rapture is blasphemy against our Triune God and denies the sufficiency of

scripture! Christian of the Kingdom to come, maybe today our Lord will come

for His Church. Maybe today Christ will come to usher us into our true Eternal home!

Maybe today!