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As occupants of earth,

and citizens of Heaven,

we look unto Jesus

author and sustainer

of all who have been

victoriously rescued

through the blood of

the lamb. For our

glistening golden hope

is perpetually eternal,

and ceaselessly flowing

as the Holy Spirit whispers

to us our Triune God’s

Biblical ways and paths

that we should always,

and forever practice

ponder, and perceive.

For we are mercifully grace

saturated, born again through

the marvelous, magnificent gift

of our Savior’s new birth!

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

for our royal citizenship is

not in this dusty, broken,

sin filled, quickly deteriorating

earth. No our imperial citizenship

is found in a Heavenly Kingdom

that can never, no ever no ever,

not ever be shaken or taken away!

As occupants of earth and citizens

of Heaven our gaze, our focus,

our glory, our strength is found

in looking unto Jesus Christ,

our soon returning Lord and King!