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Can you hear and see the nations falling as they turn

there backs on our precious Triune God? It is indeed

a fall that can be seen in morals, art, and a blatant

antagonistic blasphemy against all that is holy, just,

noble, right, and true. These are indeed the days of

Noah. You might say but what are Christians to do?

Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, no matter what

the immoral, chaotic, lawless, antithetical-God culture

chooses to do, we can always, always, always choose to rejoice

as we continue to look up, worship, obey and and be lavishly

jubilant, for our hope and citizenship is not in this sin sick ever

darkening world, our hope is in our eternal home, Heaven where

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is reigning in triumphant truth and

glorious righteousness found in Jesus Christ our magnificent Lord.

Our hope is in Jesus. Our hope is in His Holy indestructible Word

of God, the blessed, Holy Bible. Our hope is in our Salvation.

Our hope is in His glorious promises. Our hope is in Emmanuel.

Our hope is the rapture even though we know not when. Our

hope is in our Savior Jesus Christ our Lord, Yeshua, our

soon coming King.

Can you hear and see the nations falling as they shake

their fists against our precious Triune God and His most

Holy, victorious, righteous ways? Surprised? Shaken?

The Bible said it would be so for the world is quickly

and prophetically spiraling downward and out of control.

What an honor to live in such a time as this where we

can see Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes.

The inerrant, living,Holy perfect words of our God said

it would be so. We can choose to rejoice people of God,

for Jesus Christ is our hope, our joy, our confidence, our

reward, our dearest Shepherd and most precious friend.

But until He comes to rapture us to our true eternal home,

royals, redeemed, chosen ones, keep up the fight for Biblical

righteousness. Stand for Biblical, victorious, values and truths.

Pursue and live out God’s Holy, honorable, virtuous, joyous.

noble ways.Stand fo Biblical righteousness. Stand firm in our

faith no matter what the cost. No matter what the cost! No

matter what the earthly cost. For we are royally redeemed,

righteous soldiers, future priests, Kings and Queens of the

glorious, Heavenly Kingdom to come! Can you hear the

nations falling as they frivolously and foolishly shake their

modern Herod like anti-God, anti-Biblical, blasphemous fists

against their Creator God who made them in His image?

And so God gives them up to a reprobate, corrupted mind.,

for they have rejected their Creator King and chosen to glory

in heinous acts of wickedness which is to worship the creature

over the Creator, to worship the demonic, diabolical, Prince of this

world, Satan, Lucifer, who transforms himself into an Angel of Light.

A false and Hellish light that tragically takes humanity to Hell. May

we as God’s people live to courageously, victoriously, triumphantly

proclaim His royal message that God is not willing that anyone

should perish but that all should come to repentance. This is

the glorious gospel news that we must proclaim until He comes.

Are times dark? Yes!

Is this world spiraling downward? Yes!

Is evil being called good and good evil? Yes!

Are we living in the days like Noah? Yes!

Is prophecy being fulfilled? Yes!

Is God’s promises to His people sure? Yes!

Is this a time when by victorious faith we look to the things

we cannot see? Yes!

Is this a time more then anytime in history that we

could hear the trumpet call to rapture us home? Yes.

So therefore people of our Triune God, mighty warriors

of the faith we can always rejoice for this dusty, sin-filled,

ever troubling world is not our true, eternal, forever home!

May we all remember this, true, authentic, royals of the Kingdom

of our Triune God, God wins! God wins. God wins. God wins!

Amen and Amen!