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God’s love for us, His tender Fatherly heart

towards His royally redeemed is an abounding

unremitting, cascading, fixed, ceaseless, durable,

unchangeable, immutable waterfall of sparkling love,

hope, mercy, compassion filled sparkling perfect

diamonds that cannot, will not, can never cease

to eternally and divinely flow over us, through us.

within us, around us as we abide in Christ and Christ

gloriously inhabits and transforms us. This is the perfect,

patient, and paternal eternally extravagant heart of our

Triune God towards His delighted in adored, redeemed,

and truly born again royal, imperial ,cherished, and

celebrated, children of the most High God, Jesus Christ

our Lord, Redeemer, King. For we are His beloved, precious

workmanship, glorious masterpieces that are forever, eternally,

cherished, adored, celebrated, esteemed, favored, treasured and loved!